By nikhil goel - on December 20, 2019

Developing Websites With Stackabl

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Every type of website requires a server in order to run, and in many cases you will pay for and use a remote server. However, you can also create local websites on your computer, which only you can see.

Building a local website on your computer may sound a bit strange, but it does come in handy in a variety of different scenarios including:

  • Testing themes and plugins on a test website.
  • Avoiding the cost of paying for hosting.
  • Using a safe environment to troubleshooting errors.

It is important to note that for websites to function, they require a particular combination of software. That software stack can be referred to as a development environment. WordPress, for example, requires an environment with PHP, a database, and specific server software.

Normally, a web hosting service will provide a server that has all the pieces already, so you can get right to work on your website. However, for a local environment, you need to make sure all the components are installed directly on your computer.

While there are are several ways to do this the rise in development automation has produced tools that simplify the process by doing all the setup work enabling you to create and delete local websites as needed.

Stackabl is an extremely powerful, local development environment that can be used to create as many sites as you want. It comes built in with a number of different features that allow developers to focus on development rather than having to spin up different local environments.

To learn more about Stackabl and it’s features, visit

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