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A successful marketing strategy is hinged on data, using constant analysis to fine-tune and improve efforts.

Insights & Analytics Insights & Analytics

The business informatics and data management group at TRU finds insights in a deluge of data, so we can make optimizations that have real and meaningful IMPACT. Our team of analysts leverage their deep experience in cross-channel marketing and data collection, mining and analysis, to build consumer-focused marketing campaigns.

Whether it’s using machine learning algorithms to predict how likely a visitor is to convert, or doing an audience analysis deep dive, our team models, researches, and builds products that make our client teams and campaigns smarter. Services Include:

Google Marketing Tools

When it comes to Google Analytics, our team of analysts have done it all. We can help you with configuration items such as e- commerce, path analysis, funnel analysis, AdWords integration, A/B and multivariate testing, and custom Google Analytics coding.

Data Warehouse Solutions

Creating and managing an effective data warehouse is often critical for creating useful visuals. And the way data is stored is paramount. Data studio and similar tools will struggle if the data isn’t easy to access. Tru consultants can ensure the data architecture and design suits your business intelligence agenda.

Decision Science & Automation

Data on customers, suppliers, communities, and other sources arrives in various forms. Businesses use this information daily to make intelligent decisions across virtually all their functions - so ensuring it’s accurate is key.

Business Intelligence

Data is being created and collected but often it’s siloed, and reporting systems don’t deliver useful insights. Data driven decision-making demands a very different set of skills. It requires connecting disparate data sources, bringing them together into a unified reporting database, and creating insightful dashboards – all with proper governance. Tru can do that for you as an extended BI team.

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